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Minneapolis MN A large fresh cut and potted plant grower installed several Agrozone systems : one for the storing and rooting room treatment of tulip bulbs and also a system to treat the return water from 7 separate irrigation zones and fertility recipes. 

St Catherines ON. A large medicinal Marijuana producer installed two Agrozone ozone systems , one to treat the rainwater supply from an underground cistern and one to treat all the return water from coco filled pots and slabs

Leamington ON.  A large cucumber operation installed two ozone systems for the treatment of all their return water .

Dresden ON A large outdoor covered strawberry grower treats all strawberries with ozone during the cooling cycle after harvest. “No returns from the grocery stores since we started with Ozone “

We also have systems running in a major plant propagator in Southern Ontario, tulip growing operation in Chile South America, Major plant growing operation in St Catherines and a Hydroponic Lettuce grower in Delhi, ON

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