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Aquazone system

The Aquazone ozone system was designed for the cleaning of return water from greenhouse hydroponic systems, but has since found many different application.


Originally up to four tanks could be monitored and treated based on customer preferences, but we have made systems that treat one tank, for cooling tower application and systems with up to seven tanks for a multi-faceted flower grower.


The ozone system consists of a recirculation pump and injection system to treat water from different storage tanks. The water quality is monitored continuously in all tanks.


Some of the standard features are:

  • Multitank treatment up to seven tanks including transferring between tanks

  • Remote monitoring and access

  • Easy  programmed by user get correct treatment for each tank.

  • UL and CSA approved parts,manufactured in North America  and electrically inspected before shipment.

Installations done :

  • Delta Ohio: 45 acre tomato greenhouse return water treatment

  • Leamington Ont: 35 acre Cucumber greenhouse return water treatment

  • Beamsville Ont: 17 acre cucumber greenhouse fresh and supply water treatment

  • Simcoe Ont, : 7 acre tomato and Bell Pepper greenhouse fresh supply and return water.

  • Simcoe Ont:  2 acre Tulip growing operation fresh and irrigation water

  • Lambton Shores: 12 acre plant propagator recirculating irrigation water

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