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Odour control

Odour control with ozone is much simplier than complex air scubbers, biofilters and other technologies. Most Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC) are easily oxidized with ozone. 


Application of ozone for the oxidation of organic odours is easily accomplished. Depending on the source of the odour they can be oxidized in existing exhaust stacks or can be routed through a pipe reactor.


Examples of applications:

  • Nut roasting

  • Fish smoking

  • Fish processing

  • Meat smoking

  • Bakeries

  • Drying installations

  • Intensive livestock housing


Advantages of ozone use

Ozone dosing can easily be regulated based on the volume of air flow. Installation of additional filters like carbon filter is not necessary. Problems like clogged filters and contamination of stacks belong to the past. Agrozone can estimate the efficiency of the system based on a Gas Chromotography (GC) analysis.


  • Intersnack

  • Nive

  • Interovo

  • Kervalis

  • IFF

  • Streckx

  • Gosschalk

Peanut roasting

Egg processing

Egg processing

Rendering plant

Flavour & Fragrance Storage


Meat processing

Ozonesystem built in sea container for roof mounting.

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