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Specialty tulip bunch
Healthy, white roots on tulips
Aquazone 100

Simcoe ON  A large hydroponic tulip forcing operation was looking for a solution to their ongoing issues of controlling fusarium and pythium in their Ebb and flow system.

After years of daily manipulation of UV, sandfilter and Hydrogen peroxide they installed and Agrozone ozone system. Overnight the Ozone removed all the tannins from the water and increased the oxygen level in the water to above 20 ppm with the result of beautiful clean white roots, “ I go to bed at night now and I know I won’t wake up to a problem in the morning due to disease in the crop “ ( Raymond Oosterveld, owner and manager of Jarja Floral).

This operation also uses air treatment with ozone to store the tulip bulbs for extended period of time, up to 5 months, without the development of blue penicillium mould on the bulbs and the elimination of Ethelene, which could cause flower abortion in the early stages of flower development.

Murial Lobby
Duet Tulips
Raymond Oosterveld, Owner and GM
Multisplit for 7 zones
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