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How did AGROZONE get started in North America.

In 2013 Raymond Oosterveld, manager of JARJA Floral, a hydroponic fresh cut tulip grower, got an email from his European based sales manager with an article about solving problems in water forcing tulips with the help of ozone, with the question “ Do we need to look into this”.

 After reading the article Raymond called Cees de Haan from Agrozone B.V. in the Netherlands. “Cees had answers to questions that I didn’t even ask yet” says Raymond after coming of the phone and invited Cees to come over for a sales visit. After a very brief visit from Cees de Haan to the Simcoe Ontario facilities,

Jarja Floral received the quotation with Raymond commenting: “If it only works half as good as he says it works it will be worth it” .

Installation of the first Ozone system took place about 3 weeks after the start of the forcing in Nov of 2013,

During the initial forcing process tulips give off a lot of tannins, which colors the water a brown, tea like color, in which the UV had proven to be very ineffective.

Start up of the system was Monday afternoon and by Tuesday lunch time, the ozone had completely clarified the water to the point when Raymond, standing beside the 4 ft deep return pit, exclaimed;” So that is where my hammer went”, after locating the hammer on the bottom of the return pit.

Within weeks all roots in the greenhouse looked white and bright.

After struggling with Fusarium and Pythium in the ebb and flow system for more than 8 years Raymond proclaimed at the end of the season: “I go to bed at night now knowing that my crop will still be healthy in the morning”. Besides Ozone for water treatment Raymond also installed Ozone for air treatment in his bulb storage. “It has completely eliminated all Penicillium from growing during the storage period at safe levels to work in.” says Raymond. “Safety for people and crops are top priorities”. 

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