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Water Desinfection

Water recirculation of water in greenhouses has become one of the most challenging areas of change since local governements have started  to enforce  environmental standards all over the world.

From Pesticide elimination in the Netherlands to Fertility removal in North America, waste water streams have become a point of concern. One way to deal with these concerns iis to start reusing all return irrigation flows . While this saves on water and fertilizer, it also brings the treat of pathogens coming back from the greenhouse . If these pathogens are than recirculated, massive crop losses can be the result. One of the most effective  treatments of these return waterstreams is Ozone...

Pond and  lake water can be heavily contaminated with algea and pathogens that need to be removed out of the fresh water supply

Fresh Water
Dirty water colour elimiaton with ozone

One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of water used per m2 is to reuse all the return or drain water from the irrigation process. In all Ebb and Flow floors this is pretty much mandatory. It eliminates the loss of expensive fertilizer losses and protects the environment from nitrogen and phosphate pollution. Agrozone can treat your return and drain water so that it can be safely reused for as long as the Sodium levels remain acceptable.


After the sodium levels have reached high levels the water needs to be discharged. If it can be discharged in the environment many jurisdictions required that pesticides that have been applied during the crop cycle be removed. Agrozone was the first company in the Netherlands to receive certification for this application.

Discharge Water
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