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Delta OH A major 45 acres greenhouse development project using coco growing slabs installed Agrozone ozone equipment to keep all the return water clean and increase oxygen levels in all feed water to 20+ppm.

Nature Fresh Farms started in Delta Ohio with the plan to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Being a dedicated coco grower for years because of many benefits of  growing on coco, one of the negative aspects of growing on Coco is tannins( brown colour in the water from coco)had to be overcome.  The first couple of weeks the coco slab returns a lot of tannins that cannot be removed by any of the other commonly used disinfection methods like UV and heat pasteurization.


Ozone has the unique capacity to remove tannins and add a lot of oxygen to the water flows which keeps all the irrigation lines and drippers clean.

Visit the Ohio Red website:

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