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Welcome to Agrozone International

Agrozone International is a company that specializes in the agricultural application of ozone .

Started as an offspring from Agrozone B.V. in the Netherlands in 2014, we have been able to make a significant contribution to the greenhouse and farming sectors. We invite you to take a look at the different application that we have done.

Our first installation was at a hydroponic tulip forcing operation, where we installed an Aquazone 60 for cleaning all irrigation water and a Multisplit system  for preventing the tulip bulbs from being covered with Pennicillium.

After that we installed several systems in the greenhouse industry, Tomato, Pepper and Cucumbers. We also installed several Airtox  systems for the treatment of strawberries and cut flower storage and vegetable packing facilities.

Cooling Towers can have problems with algae and the spread of Legionnaires disease. Agrozone B.V. has developed systems for this at some of the most well know facilities in the world and we are drawing on that experience for installations in North America.

Odor control is also very possible with the proper application of Ozone and some examples can be seen here.


Please feel free to drop us line if you have any questions on the applications that you find here or if you have an inquiry that you don't see ,it is likely that we have done it already, either in North America or Europa.

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