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Drain water disinfection

To disinfect your drain water in the most efficient manner, ozone is used to not only disinfect the drain water but also to break down root exudates, phenols and pesticides while at the same time increasing the oxygen level in the water.


Ozone is not an unknown to the greenhouse industry. Years ago ozone was used as a water disinfector. We do not think that is the correct name for the process. Water disinfection suggests that it only kills fungi, bacteria and viruses similar to a UV filter or heat pasturization. Ozone does a lot more than disinfecting.


With UVC and heat pasturization, microbiology is killed. The dead material remains in the water. In this way the water becomes polluted slowly with dead material. This will settle in the lines as biofilm. Alos, the water slowly becomes less clear and the T10 valvue will decrease which will make the UVC less efficient. Plant exudates and phenols from bulbs and coco also reduce the clarity of the water. The greenhouse industry is familiar with this problem. As a result water must be dumped since UV systems cannot operate with dirty water. The biofilm reduces the oxygen content of the water and esspicially at high temperature, low oxygen level will result which will make plants susceptible to pythium.


Ozone is a strong oxidizer. During the process of oxidizing, ozone is able to break down organic matter and dead material. The end result is clear water with a higher oxygen level.


The great advantage of ozone is that it makes the water clear and removes biofilm and increases oxygen.


Typical results in Agrozone applications:

Disinfection                  : 99%

Increased T10 value   : up to 100%

Oxygen increase         : from 5 ppm to 30 ppm

Pesticide reduction     : >95%

Agrozone has 2 system types

Bypass system; This ozone system recirculates the water from a return tank and treats and removes organic material which increases T10 value and raises oxygen level. This system can be used in combination with an existing UV system. The result: crystal clear water, high capacity for UV, and more oxygen for the plants.


Mainstraem; This ozone system takes water from a return tank and treats the water and pumps it to a clean high EC water silo. This system can also be programed to take water from ponds and other water sources depending on the preferences of the customer.


  • Vd Helm, cucumber

  • Linge, eggplant

  • Bluewater Greenhouses, cucumber

  • Berkels, tomatoes, peppers

  • Kwekerij Wieringermeer, peppers

  • Nature Fresh, tomatoes

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