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Emission free cloth filter

Agrozone also offers solutions for filtration of water streams without back washing as is the case with sand filters and self cleaning filters. The cloth filter is pressureless and easily adapted to many applications. The cloth filter is a reliable and simple technology to remove solids from water streams. You can see the filter process and its ingeniuos in its simplicity.

Innovation can also be simple

The cloth filter is a fully atoumatic filter that filters your water with the use of a filter cloth. The filter cloth removes suspended solids from water through a simple advancing system clean filter cloth is always available. The used filter cloth together with the solids attached deposits in a garbage collector and can be removed though normal garbage collection process.

How it works

The electrically driven transport belt (F) carries the filter cloth (C) on which two wheels (D) at the side form a filter bowl. The water being filtered runs though the cloth out of connection (A) and ends up in the filter bowl. The filtered water exits though exhaust connection (E). When the flter cloth becomes saturated with dirt, the level of the water rises and the filter cloth automatically advances.

Advantages of cloth filter

• No back wash water

• Simple construction

• Low maintenance and easy to use

• Pressureless, engery savings

• Filtration < 20μm

• Fully automatic





Filter Cloth



: < 20μm

: 1 - 227m3/h

: SS 304

: polyester / cellulous

: SS 304

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