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Our Water and Air Disinfections Solutions

Our ozone systems, with self-contained oxygen concentrators, ensures that you irrigation water system is provided with the best water quality, ensuring every drop is energizing you crop. With advanced logic controllers, water is seamlessly transported between silos, maintaining optimal levels and preventing recontamination. Plus, our versatile systems treat both drain and rainwater, maximizing efficiency. All our systems proudly produced in Canada.

Rely on our expertise in irrigation water quality to engineer your ideal setup. Our dedicated team ensures your installation aligns with the latest advancements, delivering the highest standard of water quality for your plants. Contact us to elevate your irrigation practices today

Image by Hermes Rivera

All our systems proudly produced in Canada



  • Capacity 60m3/h

  • 3 Tank configuration

  • Tomato



  • 2 x Capacity 60m3/h

  • 5 Tank configuration

  • Combined Oxygen concentrator

  • Peppers

water silo glastuinbouw 3.jpg

Water Silo

With 1 ozone systems we treat all you silo’s and recirculate



  • Capacity 15m3/h

  • 4 Tank configuration

  • Peppers



  • Capacity 7m3/h

  • 3 Tank configuration

  • Research station

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