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ozon zuurstof worels
Agrozone tulpen
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Water purification - Standing water

Bulb forces who grow with standing still water can achieve 100% recirculation with a specially designed ozone system from Agrozone.


All the return water, tilt water, post harvest water, and wash water can be cleaned and disinfected with a water cleaning system from Agrozone.


The cleaned water is free of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The phenols are removed and the disolved oxygen is increased by up to 300%.


Research: Together with Proeftuin Zwaagdijk much research has been done on the quality and the impact on growth with Agrozone technology.


  • Gebr. Reus Tulpen BV

  • Germaco BV

  • Karel Bolbloemen BV

  • M.J.M. de Wit Bloembollen- en Bolbloemenbedrijf BV

  • N. Schouten & Zn. BV

  • Wagemaker Flowers BV

  • Wesselman Flowers BV

Water treatment De Wit Bloembollen 100% closed

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