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Agrozone tulpen
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Flower Bulb Storage

During flower bulb storage, the quality of the prduct is deteriorated by infuences of fungi, bacteria, and ethylene. Ozonation of the storage stops the deterioration.


Bacteria and fungi are treated in the air and directly on the product while ethylene is broken down to CO2 and H2O. The ozonation of the storage room is done with extremely low concentrations, similar to naturally occouring levels. Theses levels make it completely safe for the product and occupants.


With the use of ozone in bulb storages, fungi is a problem of the past. Fungi, such as fusarium (sour bulbs), penicillium, and botrytis, are reduced to near zero levels. Since mould growth is prevented, higher relative humidity levels can be used, preventing dehydration of the bulbs.

Agrozone has 2 system types

Airtox system

The Airtox is an quick and easy to install ozone system that can be placed in storage rooms. It is best used for a single room when centralized control is not required. These units are not equiped with measuring and control equipment.


Multisplit system

The multisplit is a centralized system that allows multiple storage rooms to be treated. Advanced measurment equipment ensures accurate cell reading for automatic control of ozone levels.




Together with Proeftuin Zwaagdijk and CNB, Agrozone has done a lot of research over the years into the use of ozone during the storage of bulbs. The results of the reasearch;


  • Ozone prevents fungal attack on the bulbs

  • Ozone reduces the failure rate of bulb by up to 10%

  • With weaker varieties, heavier and longer tulips are harvested

  • Ozone reduces the infestation of mites, because ozone treated bulbs have less ethylene, less nose opening and thus less chance for the mites to enter.



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