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Surface disinfection

Agrozone heeft 2 type systemen

For the disinfection of surfaces, like planting trays, containers and transport belts, Agrozone has developed the NOW system.

The NOW system produces on location your own disinfection materials from water, salt and electricity.


NOW replaces the use of chemicals for disinfection inside your company.


NOW is used in bulb growing for:

  • Disinfection of planting trays and containers

  • Disinfection of production lines

  • Disinfection wash water

  • Prevent the spread of PlamV virus in lilly sorting


  • Karel Bolbloemen BV

  • A. & P. Flowers BV

  • S. Schouten BV

  • Fresh Tulips USA

  • Bigot Fleurs Frankrijk

  • Gebr. Boon Hem BV

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