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Agrozone tulpen
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Water purification of ebb & flow

Bulb forcers who use an ebb and flow system are familiar with the problems of phenol accumulation in their water. The accumulion of phenols creates a mucus in the pipes, a decrease in UV dissinfection effectiveness, and continuously browning roots.


Agrozone offers an ozone system that can be used with your existing UV disinfection or as a complete replacement of an existing disinfection method.


In addition to cleaning recirculation water, the Agrozone system increases the amount of disolved oxygen by up to 3x the concentraion. Higher concentraions of oxygen in the irrigation water leads to healthier root development and nutrient uptake.


  • Bloomia USA

  • Bloomia Chile

  • Jarja Floral International Corp. Canada

  • Len Busch Roses USA


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